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Dakota Johnson
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Interview: Dakota Johnson Discusses ‘Our Friend’

Dakota Johnson is one of the most consistent actors working in Hollywood today. Seemingly every time she takes on a role, her passion and dedication to the part result in a stellar performance. What’s funny is while most actors tend to lean into whatever genre or roles fit their style the best, Dakota never seems to shy away from a part or a genre. If anyone were to take just 5 minutes and look at her IMDB page, you’d see roles in such films as – Suspiria, The Peanut Butter Falcon, Bad Times at the El Royale, and Wounds, to name a few. While some like to harp on 50 Shades, people don’t realize that her career actually began in 2010 when she was in The Social Network. 

Dakota Johnson
Jason Segel and Dakota Johnson in ‘Our Friend’

Her most recent project is a film called Our Friend, and it’s a fantastic film based on a true story. We were lucky enough to chat with Dakota about that film and some of her other projects that she has coming up. The conversation was incredibly revealing, and I appreciated her honesty. Check it out

What did you guys think of the interview? What would have you asked her?


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