• Sun. Sep 19th, 2021

Interview: Brad Ingelsby talks ‘The Mare of Easttown’ Finale

Mare of Easttown

In his wildest dreams, Brad Ingelsby couldn’t have imagined the type of reaction that The Mare of Easttown has received from critics and fans across the globe. If a show can build a following that results in the audience tripling over the course of its run, that’s amazing. If a show can capture the imagination of the world, that’s mind-blowing. If a show reaches such heights that Saturday Night Live does a parody of it, that’s next level. When a show like The Mare of Easttown does all of these on top of breaking viewing records, it becomes a cultural phenomenon.

Was it Mare’s wit and love cheese? Was it the charm of Easttown? I’m sure some of that all played a role, but the show was likely relatable to the world. Easttown was a town full of imperfect people attempting to go about their lives brought to life through the brilliant performances of this cast and Ingeslby’s superb narrative. The talent of this cast alone is off the charts. Think about it! In the same series, Kate Winslet, Julie Ann Nicholson, and Jean Smart is a show runner’s dream.

While most of the world still has questions about our beloved Mare and the aftermath of that heartbreaking finale, we decided to seek out those answers from Brad himself. We were very fortunate to have an extended sitdown with Mr. Ingelsby about several topics weaving in questions we received on social media. Check it out!

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