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‘Good Omens’ Season One Review

Good Omens¬†brings its dash of irreverence with a sprinkle of snarkiness, making the end of times wildly entertaining. Much of what works in this show (especially the first episode) is the chemistry between Michael Sheen and David Tennant. Without their connection much Neil Gaiman’s would come off as flat and unamusing. Instead, what we have is the makings of a lovely series about the coming of the antichrist (yes, I did use lovely and the devil in the same sentence).

Good Omens

Sheen plays Aziraphale; an Angel left to live on earth to ensure good in this world. Tennant plays Crowley, a demon who was sent to raise hell while on earth. The two first meet in the Garden of Eden and from there form an understanding. Crowley will get to do his thing while Aziraphale will be able to do his without any interference from one another. This arrangement works well until the dark lord himself summons Crowley.

Crowley is then tasked with delivering Damien (the 2nd coming of Lucifer) to an unsuspecting family who is currently giving birth at a local convent (who happens to worship Satan … no I’m not joking). Despite his reservations, he delivers the child only to have him given to the wrong family (whoops). So now much of the first episode is spent trying to find the child sent from the underworld and hopefully prevent the end of times. What’s in it for Crowley? He sees the coming of Armageddon as an obstacle to resuming his normal life.¬† He enlists the help of Aziraphale, in hopes of bringing this matter to a close only it seems to make things worse.

What I liked about the series is that you get a glimpse into how each of the leads is conflicted. Crowley wants to unleash hellfire on the world like most demons, but he realizes what a good thing he has going on Earth. Aziraphale wants to be successful in spreading kindness, faith, and love throughout the world but is getting reality checked by Gabriel (Jon Hamm). It’s certainly an exciting start to Good Omens, and it had me hoping that they will have a 2nd season.

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