‘Gemini Man’ Review: Is Terrible In Any Format

Gemini Man

Gemini Man may have one of the biggest actors in Hollywood playing the lead, but it is still just dreadful. The film is dull and slogs through a terribly constructed narrative. While I understand that these types of releases are meant to be so well written, but there’s a burden on them to keep my interest. Gemini Man attempts to hook audiences with promises of intense action sequences, and most of them were lackluster at best. Sitting through this mess of a film gave me flashbacks to the last time Ang Lee attempted a movie of this scale. Perhaps, Lee isn’t meant to work on these types of projects?

Gemini Man

The film is based on an assassin who is being hunted by a clone created by his former commanding officer (played by Clive Owen), who has dreams of creating the perfect military force. Writers David Benioff and Billy Ray try to create some depth to this mess by having his clone treat Owen’s character like a father figure. This seemed forced and far from believable. If the idea was to make a kick-ass action film, then stick to that! Then there’s the whole sequence involving Mary Elizabeth Winstead’s character (Danny), which seems preposterous. Why would a DI agent immediately decide to go along with the one person she was supposed to tail?

If Gemini Man is meant to be the cinematic equivalent of a guilty pleasure, then stuff the film enough action sequence that would make Vin Diesel blush. More sequences like the one involving the motorcycle and less depth would go further with this release. Instead with a film which seems like a great premise but that’s about it.


'Gemini Man' Review
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