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‘Freaky’ Movie Review (2020)

Freaky is a rare instance where the perception of the project and the actual film were two very different things. On the surface, any narrative that even slightly regurgitates parts of Freaky Friday is a deal-breaker, but the reality is the film far more than just a Jamie Lee Curtis rip-off. Writers Michael Kennedy and Christopher Landon have managed to take a basic premise of switching bodies and weaved into a fun slasher flick resulting in one of the most enjoyable film-watching experiences of the year. For fans of horror, there’s nothing tame about this film. The kill scenes are brash and imaginative. For those seeking something more than just blood and guts, Kathryn Newton and Vince Vaughn deliver the goods.

(from left) Nyla Chones (Celeste O’Connor), Millie Kessler in The Butcher’s body (Vince Vaughn), and Josh Detmer (Misha Osherovich) in “Freaky,” co-written and directed by Christopher Landon.

The film centers around Millie Kessler (Newton), who is attacked by a killer known as The Butcher (Vaughn) with a cursed knife. Once used, the two parties switch bodies and have 24 hours to rectify this switch, or the change is permanent. Newton’s ability to flip the switch from an innocent school girl to a stone-cold killer is what makes this film work. Vaughn’s ability to go from mass murder to high strung high schooler makes Freaky tons of fun. Those performances were essential to pulling this premise off. Kennedy and Landon did a phenomenal job creating a narrative that played to each of their strengths. Had Newton’s character somehow became superhuman during the body switch, most would have likely checked out.

(from left) Josh Detmer (Misha Osherovich), Ryler (Melissa Collazo), The Butcher in Millie Kessler’s body (Kathryn Newton) and Nyla Chones (Celeste O’Connor) in Freaky, co-written and directed by Christopher Landon.

Freaky is best watched with a group of friends, plus it delivers the perfect blend of joy and gore. If anyone is looking for a fun film this weekend, then look no further.

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