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Five Things To Expect During The Chernobyl Finale

Chernobyl‘s finale air this Monday night on HBO and the show has been gaining popularity especially since the void Game Of Thrones has left. The show has even surpassed all other previous HBO programming and is now the highest ranked one on IMDB. Even though we have already reviewed the season, here are five things to expect during Chernobyl’s 5th episode.

5. Don’t Expect A Just Resolution 


Despite the overwhelming evidence, the Russian government is looking for someone to point the finger at. These three gentlemen are in the cross-hairs and are about to go on “trial” (and I use that term loosely)

4. Not everyone is ready to give up 


Even though the KGB and the government have been incredibly clear at what outcome they are desiring, Ulana Khomyuk (Emily Watson) isn’t prepared to see these three men solely take the fall.  However, someone surprising steps up at the last minute to try and save these men from taking all the blame.

3. Consequences of this catastrophic event are starting to mount 


The radiation exposure will begin to have an impact on the health of a number of leads from the mini-series. It’s not surprising, but it indeed emphasizes how brave as they knew the effect being at Chernobyl would have on their lifespan.

2. Threats will be made as the Government will make its presence known. 


Despite their best efforts to get to the truth of why the reactor at Chernobyl exploded, the government seems to be one step ahead of their efforts. Threats will be made.

1. They will try and move on after the trial 


Attempts will be made to move on after the hearing, but it seems their lives will never be the same. It’s almost as if they all are waiting to die.

What do you think of the series?


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