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Five Takeaways from Episode 6 of ‘Mare of Easttown’

Mare of Easttown

Tonight’s episode of Mare of Easttown was positively brilliant. For anyone who saw the 5th episode and thought this couldn’t get much better, think again. If anyone had any doubt about the viability of HBO’s hit limited series being a serious Emmy Contender, episode 6 how brilliant the writing and editing has been this entire series. Brad Ingeslby brilliantly weaves in the tiniest of details, the smallest of moments, in ways we aren’t expecting it, which lends credence to the prevailing belief that everything matters. It’s a large puzzle, and Ingeslby teases us with a piece and a piece here, daring us to solve the unsolvable. At the end of this episode, most will feel they have a good idea who killed Erin? But do we? How many times has the show wanted us to look at another suspect or caused us to feel sorry for a horrible person? Well, before we get into the recap for tonight, I wanted to put this disclaimer in that if anyone hasn’t seen the episode tonight, please wait to read social media or even this recap. Come back, let’s this show wash over you like a wave. Okay! You’ve been warned, so away we go.


5. The Truth Shall Set You Free –

Mare of Easttown
James Mcardle, HBO, ‘Mare of Easttown,’ Photograph by Michele K. Short/HBO

It seems as if the good Deacon is starting to come unraveled. It’s finally come to light that this man of the cloth was with Erin the night she was killed. They’ve also been able to connect Deacon Burton with the bike found in the river early in the episode. He is, of course, subsequently arrested for tampering with evidence. Why was he willing to help her so much? Could those allegations in the other diocese be accurate? Based on what the show has shown, I think the chances of Deacon Burton being Erin’s killer are slim. However, if we want to discuss odds that he’s the father of that child, that’s a whole different discussion.

4. A Trap –

Mare of Easttown
John Douglas Thompson, Kate Winslet, HBO, ‘Mare of Easttown,’ Photograph by Michele K. Short/HBO

Mare and Chief Carter set a trap for Dylan, leading to him effectively destroying his alibi for Erin’s death. We started with Erin’s boyfriend, and now we are back at Erin’s boyfriend. It can’t be that simple, right? On the surface, it’s easy to dismiss Dylan as being the person who murdered Erin, but there’s one thing that stood out to me. There’s a moment in the sixth episode where they are chasing Jess (remember that she’s the one who was with Dylan and his friend when they found those diaries and burned them). He’s obviously upset about his alibi falling apart, and he refers to Erin’s face being blown off. How would he know that? Was he there when she died, or was he the one pulling the trigger? If he was there, why? Also, why was he so interested in those journals?

3. Coming to terms –

Angourie Rice, HBO, ‘Mare of Easttown,’ Photograph by Michele K. Short/HBO

The scene between Siobhan and Mare is the most important one of the series. It’s the first time she comes to terms with her son’s suicide and its impact on everyone, including her daughter. Perhaps, she never realized the impact on Siobhan finding him up in the attic that day. It’s really the first time that Mare has let her guard down this entire series. Maybe, it took this plus the psychiatrist calling her out for hiding behind other people’s trauma to make this happen. My question, though, is where this could lead.

2. Did the brother do it?

Joe Tippett, HBO, ‘Mare of Easttown,’ Photograph by Michele K. Short/HBO

John is in a world of trouble for cheating on Lori again, but we have never been told with who. This isn’t the first time! He’s moved out and now lives with his father along with his brother Billy. We learn that Mare is getting close to figuring things out. She finds an old bag of clothes that Kenny donated to Freddie that use to belong to Erin. In those clothes is a sweatshirt from a family reunion she attended that happens to have the same date as the heart locket found on her dead body. Why would a heart locket with that date be around her neck? Complicating matters is their father found Billy coming home the night Erin died covered in blood. We are lead to believe he did it. We hear him saying he’s ready to confess. Is it for something he did or something he thinks happened? Remember, he was drunk that night. Also, did you catch whose tackle box that was in the back of the truck? Maybe Billy did do it, but I think it’s more a case he thinks it was him. If it wasn’t him, then who?

1. Awkward –

Mare of Easttown
Julianne Nicholson, Cameron Mann, HBO, ‘Mare of Easttown,’ Photograph by Michele K. Short/HBO

That conversation between John and Lori was awkward at the end of the episode. It didn’t sound like astonishment in her voice; it sounded like they were formulating a plan. Also, did anyone think it was odd that they were back living together so quickly? One moment, she’s upset, and now, it’s back to things as usual. He certainly didn’t redeem himself. Perhaps, it was more a case of persuasion on John’s part. Maybe, he knows a bit more about Lori’s whereabouts the night of Erin’s death than he’s lead on. Could the father of Erin’s baby actually be John? How would Lori handle news like this?

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