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'Euphoria' Special Episode Part 1
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‘Euphoria’ Special Episode Part 1 Review (2020)

Euphoria Special Episode Part 1 is one of the very best written pieces of television this year. The episode has a simplistic appearance yet packs the biggest emotional punch so far in the series. Could we begin to see Rue (Zendaya) starting to realize her own worth, or is she falling into a deeper hole? The dialogue in this 57-minute episode was razor-sharp and, in fact, bridges the gap between where we last left Rue and where this second season could be headed. Show writer/creator Barry Levinson has certainly set the expectations sky-high for the new season.  Here are our 5 takeaways from this episode.

5. The Root of it all –


We quickly learn that although Rue is placing the blame for her relapse on Jules, leaving her at the train station, there’s something much deeper that has driven her to be an addict. Jules is just a footnote in a much larger story.

4. Ali –

'Euphoria' Special Episode Part 1

While Ali (Colman Domingo) understands Rue’s pain, he isn’t about to cut her any breaks. Ali is Rue’s dose of reality, and most of the time, she doesn’t like what he has to say to her.

3.  While I have you…

'Euphoria' Special Episode Part 1

We also learn more about Ali’s background and his own emotional baggage. Colman Domingo gives his best performance so far in the series and likely secured strong Emmy consideration too.

2. Does she even want to be clean?

'Euphoria' Special Episode Part 1

Ali flat out asks Rue if she wants to be clean, and her response was both honest and shocking. It certainly brought back that whole theory that somehow this whole show is about her journey and eventual passing.

1. Hope?

'Euphoria' Special Episode Part 1

At the end of the episode, we are given every indication that she’s willing to put in the work to stay clean, but there’s certainly an ominous tone to the whole episode. Is this hope or one just last attempt at staying alive?

What are your thoughts on Euphoria Special Episode Part 1?

Euphoria Special Episode Part 1
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