‘Euphoria’ Season 1 Finale Review: What A Ride !

Hunter Schafer

Season 1, episode 8 (debut 8/4/19): Hunter Schafer. photo: Eddy Chen/HBO

Euphoria ended its first season on Sunday night with quite a flourish. The HBO show has developed quite a cult following and has gained critical acclaim. The tone from the onset felt as if we were attending someone’s funeral. As the episode went on, it only got worst. There were certainly some bright moments to break up that tension. Here are the five takeaways from the Euphoria finale.

5. Kat getting a happy ending was quite a surprise. 

Season 1, episode 8 (debut 8/4/19): Sydney Sweeney, Maude Apatow, Barbie Ferreira.< photo: Eddy Chen/HBO

After seeing Kat go through what she did over the course of the season, it was nice to see her what we all perceived as a nice guy. Kind of surprising to see but welcomed none the less.

4. Fez did what was necessary to try and stay out of Mouse’s crosshairs. 

Angus Cloud
Season 1, episode 8 (debut 8/4/19): Angus Cloud. photo: Eddy Chen/HBO

Fez who initially came off as this hardcore thug really ended up being this good guy. In order to protect the ones he loves, he ends up stealing what he owes him. Did it work? I guess we will see.

3. Rue leaves Jules at the train station which leads to dire consequences 

Season 1, episode 8 (debut 8/4/19): Hunter Schafer.
photo: Eddy Chen/HBO

After Rue said her goodbyes to the very toxic Jules at the train station, we are lead to believe that she relapsed and may have passed on. I guess time will tell once season 2 comes around. Hard to imagine this show being around with its main star. We shall see as Euphoria moves into its 2nd season.

2. Cassie comes off as one of the strongest characters in this first season. 

Season 1, episode 8 (debut 8/4/19): Sydney Sweeney, Maude Apatow.
photo: Eddy Chen/HBO

Sam Levinson did a wonderful thing including the storyline about the abortion and weaving it in with the winter formal was very important. It should that Cassie could triumph over dealing with something awfully traumatic.

1. Although Nate didn’t die, he’s forever changed by these events. 


Even though Fez didn’t get to do what every fan was hoping he would do, his life is completely shattered. He finally realizes exactly who he is and what a joke his family has become. Nothing is what it should be and that’s hard to handle. Even his dad realizes during an altercation that his dark secret is out.

I guess the big question is whether or not Rue will be around for season 2. Even though we were lead to believe that she might have overdosed, I happen to think it will be just another relapse. As a finale, I found it to be solid and satisfying. I am very interested to see where Euphoria’s 2nd season goes.

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