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Eighteen Movies Which Stood Out In 2018

ByDewey Singleton

Dec 31, 2018

As the new year is fastly approaching, It’s time to take a moment and look at eighteen movies which stood out in 2018. I certainly understand how some might feel that this list is missing a few titles, but we have to remember that at the end of the day, this list is from my perspective. My original goal was to have a top ten list for the year, but that was quite a challenge as there were so many great releases in 2018. Part of what makes film critique so enjoyable is the discourse fans have with one another. Let’s start with three honorable mentions.

Honorable Mention: ‘Black Panther,’ ‘Skyscraper,’ and ‘A Simple Favor’-

Black Panther proved to the world that a superhero film could also be a quality film as well. Director Ryan Coogler’s latest project broke barriers and set the bar for any future Marvel projects. Here’s the trailer –

Skyscraper won’t be found on many top lists for 2018 (I’d venture to guess that I might be one of the only lists which discusses the film). However, If I’m honest, the Rock’s latest release may have been the most fun I’ve had at the theater this summer. The film is meant to be the pure escapist fun. Here’s the trailer –

One of the more baffling outcomes of the award season was the lack of support of A Simple Favor. A wonderfully directed film with both a fantastic narrative and stellar performances. Paul Feig reminds the naysayers why he’s a great director. Here’s the trailer –

15. ‘Mary Poppins Returns’

On the surface, the idea of developing a sequel to one of Disney’s most beloved films was ludicrous but with a solid narrative and a stellar performance from Emily Blunt, Director Rob Marshall’s latest film is a delightful follow-up to the original.  Here’s the trailer –

14.(tie) ‘Annihilation’ and ‘Won’t You Be My Neighbor.’

Again I ask … Where is the praise for the best Science Fiction film of the year? Natalie Portman stars in a visually stunning thriller which slowly builds the tension to an unbearable crescendo. In any other year, a movie like this would have easily been in the top 10, but 2018 was an excellent year for film. Here’s the trailer –

Of course, how could anyone not fall in love with this documentary about Mr. Rodgers? Here’s the trailer-

13. ‘Eighth Grade’

Bo Burnham’s directorial debut was stunning, and easily Eighth Grade came off as well as it did. Elsie Fisher’s amazing performance just solidified Burnham’s efforts making this release one of the year’s best. Here’s the trailer –

12. ‘Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind’

One could make an argument that 2018 was the year of the documentary and they wouldn’t be wrong. I could have easily filled this list with more documentaries, but upon further examination, only two stood out to me and Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind was one of them. Check it out on HBO On-Demand but check out the trailer first –

11. ‘The Miseducation Of Cameron Post’

This film is easily Chloë Grace Moretz’s shining moment as an actress. While ‘Boy Erased’ is seemingly getting all of the praise for tackling the subject of gay conversion therapy, The Miseducation Of Cameron Post comes off as more of a realistic approach to telling this tale. I wish this film had a wider release. Here’s the trailer –

10. ‘Can You Ever Forgive Me’

Melissa McCarthy and Richard E. Grant give Oscar-worthy performances in this remarkable true tale. Grant is about the biggest longshot to win the Oscar since Julianne Moore was nominated for Still Alice. Here’s the trailer –

9. ‘Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse’

I’m not entirely sure that Sony Animation had the slightest clue about the quality of this release until they started screening it for critics across the United States. In an awards season which had assumed it would be another banner animation year for Pixar, Sony has blown away the competition with this vibrant and visually stunning animated hit. It’s not only the best-animated film of the year, Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse is a great film period. Here’s the trailer –

8. (Tie) ‘Destroyer’ and ‘Crazy Rich Asians’

Destroyer is unlike any movie Nicole Kidman has ever done and yet features her finest work ever on screen. Brace yourself for a scintillating performance, and Kidman kicks all sorts of ass as well. Here’s the trailer –

No end of the year is complete in my mind without at least a mention of Crazy Rich Asians. Jon Chu’s latest project features the best ensemble performance of 2018 and an engaging narrative which draws audiences in. Seeing this film was such a joy! Here’s the trailer –

7. ‘A Quiet Place’

This has been quite a year for Emily Blunt who has a hand in two of the best 2018 releases. Her husband, John Krasinski deftly crafted a narrative that will scare the hell out of you. Here’s the trailer –

6. (Tie) ‘Blindspotting’ and ‘Paddington 2’

Lionsgate dropped the ball when they released Blindspotting. A film of this caliber needed to be released later in the year so it wouldn’t get lost in the shuffle. Here’s the trailer –

The same could be said about Paddington 2. Here’s the trailer –

5. ‘Hearts Beat Loud’

An underrated release for sure which was so heartfelt and beautifully crafted. Nick Offerman and Kiersey Clemmons are fantastic on screen. Here’s the trailer –

4. ‘First Man’

Ryan Gosling’s follow up to ‘La La Land’ was a deep dive into a man who took part in one of the greatest moments in American history. Here’s the trailer –

3. ‘A Star Is Born’

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper exude chemistry on screen in what will be one of the most nominated films of the year. Here’s the trailer –

2. ‘Widows’

One can hope that the Academy will recognize a film that’s so deserving. Viola Davis is sensational as the lead in Director Steve McQueen’s latest project. Here’s the trailer –

1. ‘Roma’

Get ready! Roma is poised to sweep through awards season and make Netflix the first streaming service ever to win Best Picture (with good reason). This film is on another level, and nothing really comes close to it.


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