‘Don’t Let Go’ Review: A Solid Thriller

Don't Let Go

Don’t Let Go isn’t a film that stands out when you look at a schedule of releases in August. When you search on imdb.com and see that Storm Reid and David Oyelowo star in this hybrid science fiction thriller, it doesn’t stop anyone in their tracks. However, when you see the trailer and understand the premise, it immediately hooks the audience’s in. In a time of the year where a studio would usually dump a title, Don’t Let Go proves to be the exception to the rule. Director Jacob Estes latest project is a tight 90-minute thrill ride which grabs you by the shirt collar and doesn’t let go.

Don't Let Go

The narrative centers around the idea of if by some miracle, the past could be changed, would you do it? Detective Radcliff is dealing with the sudden deaths of his brother, his wife, and lovely niece at the hands of what looks to be some drug dealing thugs. As he is trying to understand what has happened, his phone rings and it is his niece, Ashley. Could it be him losing it or indeed a connection from another place far beyond our comprehension?

Don’t Let Go doesn’t attempt to answer that question and allows the audience to formulate his or her opinion. I would characterize this release as the perfect movie for a date night (especially if both of you are into thrilling narratives. While the ending is fairly predictable, there’s nothing wrong with Don’t Let Go. The performances are solid, and audiences won’t feel as if the direction of the film has cheapened their cinematic experience. If anything it made wish we would see more projects with Storm Reid in them.

'Don't Let Go' Review
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