‘Doctor Sleep’ Review: ‘A Kaleidoscope Of Horrors’

Doctor Sleep

Doctor Sleep is a kaleidoscope of horrors with a perfect blend of sensory and visual scares that will leave audience members chilled to their core. Often when a director takes on a sequel to such beloved source material, the results can be a disaster. Writer/director Mike Flanagan proves to be the exception to that rule. Flanagan has a deep understanding of just what makes King’s literary pieces so damn scary. While some releases like Pet Semetary focused more on visual atrocities, Doctor Sleep attacks you from all angles. It messed with your mind, your deepest fears, and at times can scare you to the core. Any future adaptations of King’s work should take note of how Flanagan handled this narrative.

Doctor Sleep

Without getting too much into the storyline (cause I don’t want to spoil too much), Doctor Sleep centers around the aftermath of what transpired at the Overlook hotel and how Danny Torrence (Ewan Mcgregor) has attempted to move on with his life. Rebecca Ferguson is a fantastic villain. Rose the Hat might be one of my favorite characters this year. Mcgregor was a great choice as Danny. He certainly comes across as a tortured on the big screen. Kyleigh Curran will likely gain the most recognition from the film and should undoubtedly be considered a breakout star. Doctor Sleep wouldn’t nearly be as good with her. The Newton Brothers were a perfect choice to handle the musical score for the film. They were able to capture the sheer terror of this tale and served as an ideal note in Flanagan’s symphony to hell.

In the interest of full disclosure, I’m generally not a fan of this genre of film, but Flanagan’s Doctor Sleep was impressive. Its broad appeal should please a wide range of fans and result in box-office success.

'Doctor Sleep' Review
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