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‘Brightburn’ Review: Is Bloody Glorious


Brightburn attacks the audience’s sensibilities right from the onset and twists them in terrifyingly entertaining ways. David Yarovesky’s latest project is the type of film few will predict the outcome of, and most will leave theaters shook after seeing. Writers Brian and Mark Gunn have concocted a narrative which plays on the symbolism of one of the more iconic characters (you know the one who has an S on his chest) and instead of him being a symbol of hope, he becomes a catalyst for death and destruction. Jackson A. Dunn plays Brandon Beyer (the kid you see with the cape and mask) and fantastic in this truly twisted role. Elizabeth Banks and David Denman (Roy from The Officeplays the parents who found this boy who crashed near their house ten year ago (think Ma and Pa Kent).


So what’s the premise of the film? After a difficult struggle with fertility, Tori Breyer’s (Elizabeth Banks) dreams of motherhood come true with the arrival of a mysterious baby boy. Brandon appears to be everything Tori and her husband Kyle (David Denman) ever wanted—bright, talented, curious about the world. But as Brandon (Jackson A. Dunn) nears puberty, a great darkness manifests within him, and Tori becomes consumed by terrible doubts about her son.

I did enjoy how they used home video to jump-start the film. Rather than go through a few dull moments at the beginning of Brightburn, we begin right when things go horribly wrong. Setting the narrative out in the middle of nowhere only heightens the tension felt during Brandon’s eventual transformation. Seeing how he attempted to assimilate with other kids was impressive as well. Even when he’s not giving into who he is, the lack of developed social skills truly makes him an outsider. Brandon’s mother (Banks) was the most crucial character in the entire film as she was his perfect foil. It seemed the more obvious her son’s acts were, the more she would deny them.

Overall, Brightburn is a solid film which will entertain some and horrify others seeing it.

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