‘Blinded By The Light’ Review: A Magical Journey Of Human Discovery

Blinded By The Light

Blinded By The Light is that unexpected surprise which delights you to no end — a film which is equal parts touching and relatable because we are a country of dreamers. However, what happens when your dreams collide with cultural expectations? What I adored about the film wasn’t so much the uplifting message but the conflict which ensued. Blinded By The Light gave an all too real look at the risks a dreamer takes when they go against conventional wisdom. It would have been easy for Javed to follow his father’s wishes and study to become an engineer and marry who every he picked for him. However, that wasn’t Javed. The boy was a free spirit inspired by Bruce Springsteen.

Blinded By The Light

What was compelling about this narrative is how much of it was inspired by the writer/director’s (Gurinder Chadha) real life. That probably explains why the film has touched a nerve with so many. We all have had dreams, but more often than not, we have to compromise them to do something sensible. Blinded By The Light inspires us all to be who we are not what we are perceived to be.

The performances in the film are solid, and the pacing as well is fantastic (nothing lags in this one). The soundtrack in this film is by far my favorite of 2019. I challenge you this weekend to find an upbeat movie with this type of heart. Tramps like us were made for releases for this (pun intended). Run (don’t walk) to see Born To Run this weekend.

'Blinded By The Light'
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