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‘Big Little Lies’ Season 2 Episode 6 Review: Gigantic Amazing Bombshell Moments Are Coming

It’s a shame that the story dominating the headlines about Big Little Lies is the one concerning Andrea Arnold. Although what happened was downright shameful, it will no doubt take away from tonight’s episode which is by far the best of the season. We’ve been building to this moment, and if you are a fan of the poop hitting the fan, then this episode is full of those moments.

Now mind you, if you haven’t watched episode six yet, then you should come back to this article because it does have spoilers in it. I wouldn’t want to ruin the experience for any of you. Got it! Last Chance! Okay, here we go with my five takeaways from Big Little Lies sixth episode.

5. Celeste’s custody hearing with Mary Louise is a disaster. 

Big Little Lies
Season 2, Episode 6, debut 7/14/19: Nicole Kidman, Poorna Jagannathan. photo: Jennifer Clasen/HBO

Mary Louise (Streep) and her attorney have hired a private investigator, and it appears Celeste (Kidman) has had more than one liaison with men at bars. They, of course, use this and her use of Ambien to make her look like a horrific mother. Celeste’s attorney was blindsided by the photos that showed up in court. Jane (Woodley) begins to fear that Mary Louise might file for custody of Ziggy.

She confronts her, and it doesn’t go well. Just when we think the judge is about to rule (towards the end of the episode), Celeste makes a plea to question Mary Louise on the stand (which is quite shocking), and the judge allows it (just as the episode ends). Could Celeste have stumbled upon some dark secret about Mary Louise?

4. Perry’s death is brought up in court.  

Big Little Lies
Season 2, Episode 6, debut 7/14/19: Nicole Kidman, Poorna Jagannathan.
photo: Merie W. Wallace/HBO

During the examination, Mary Louise’s lawyer brings up Perry’s death (as a show that she could have done it). Celeste sticks to the story, but he brings up how scientifically that story is inaccurate. The pressure is tripled at that moment on all of the Monterey five. It does seem as if we are heading down a road where someone is going to take the fall for that incident.

3. Madeline is feeling the heat of their pact, but Bonnie is the first to crack. 

Big Little Lies
Season 2, Episode 6, debut 7/14/19: Laura Dern, Reese Witherspoon.
photo: Jennifer Clasen/HBO

Madeline (Reese Witherspoon) desperately wants to be truthful with Ed (Adam Scott) about that night, but can’t bring herself to tell him. The funny thing is that I think he’d be somewhat okay with knowing because at least they were honest (finally) with each other. The big news is that Bonnie does crack.

The events in the courtroom finally drive her to write out her thoughts which she confesses to her mother (who is still in a daze due to the stroke) and blames the aggression that leads to her pushing Perry on her. What she didn’t see is that her mom was crying? Was she more awake than she realized? What does this mean? Are we going to see an admission of guilt from Bonnie?

2. Ed is so going to cheat on Madeline. 

Big Little Lies
Season 2, Episode 6, debut 7/14/19: Adam Scott.
photo: Jennifer Clasen/HBO

Ed (Scott) is being tempted by a scorned woman to hook up, and he’s so going to do it. At this point, he doesn’t trust his wife, so what does he have to lose?

1. Renata is delivered a bombshell in Bankruptcy Court. 

Big Little Lies
Season 2, Episode 6, debut 7/14/19: Laura Dern.
photo: Jennifer Clasen/HBO

During a bankruptcy hearing, the Klein’s former maid shows up asking for severance and a sum of $165,000 for what she refers to as stress relief. This revelation, of course, leads to an epic Renata meltdown. Can’t help but wonder what she’s going to do to her sleazebag husband.  Big Little Lies rarely lets us down.

Where is this all headed? I still think one of the five will crack (picking Bonnie seems too easy). I think Mary Louise, for sure, has a secret tied to the death of her husband. Who knows where Renata’s head is at? This episode of Big Little Lies was certainly supercharged leading up to what should be an explosive finale (which BTW HBO isn’t allowing critics to check out .. so that should tell us all something).

'Big Little Lies' Season 2 Episode 6
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