‘Angel Has Fallen’ Review: They Saved The Best For Last

Angel Has Fallen

Olympus Has Fallen, and London Has Fallen are pretty terrible movies. It was hard to get into the action when each was riddled so many issues ranging from pacing to lousy CGI. In a million years it never occurred to me that there was some groundswell for a third film. I mean, I knew my sister loves these movies but who else would subject themselves to a third installment of “Gerard Butler Saves Someone … Again”. Then we get the screening invite for Angel Has Fallen, and I was left with so many questions. The first being, why and the second being how is this man still employed as a Secret Service agent. I mean he’s a magnet for catastrophic moments. So after much hand wringing, I decided to check it out. Well, let me be the first to say that I was wrong. There was absolutely a need for a third movie because Angel Has Fallen a helluva lot of fun. If films like Peanut Butter Falcon are fine dining, then this would be the equivalent of eating at Taco Bell. Only see these types of releases in moderation (kind of like eating Taco Bell).

A film like this makes no apologies. It’s not meant to win any writing awards. It’s all about seeing what terrible incident will befall Mike Bannon and how he manages to defy the odds. The film has a slight Fugitive slant to the narrative this time around. There are no Tommy Lee Jones moments in this one. Just a ton of explosions, drones, gunfights, and Butler keeping the President (played by Morgan Freeman) out of harm’s way. What’s crazy about this third installment is that best part of the film isn’t even the lead actor, it’s Nick Nolte who is at his best these playing a crazy version of himself.


Angel Has Fallen

As movies go, you could do worse. Angel Has Fallen seems to be comfortable in its skin and delivers an equal mix of explosions and entertainment value, which will make seeing the film worth your time.

'Angel Has Fallen'
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