‘After The Wedding’ Review: A Bore Fest

After The Wedding

After The Wedding is a melodramatic snooze fest built on the premise that audiences are clamoring for a remake from source material which wasn’t strong, to begin with. I was interested in this release when the casting was first announced. It’s hard to come up with a better tandem of working actors than Michelle Williams and Julianne Moore, but even talent can only take you so far. After The Wedding attempts to make every element of the narrative super important but in doing so loses sight of what truly matters most and that’s telling a rich story.

The best way to explain After The Wedding is that I can’t. The film certainly makes ample use of certain tropes (ex. hey, you are my long lost daughter). The basic premise is what would you do if one day the daughter that suppose to be put up for adoption was suddenly in your life. Had they took some time to trim some of Susanne Blier’s original screenplay, perhaps the final product would have been at least tolerable. Watching the film is like slogging through an endless path of quicksand and rather than struggle to escape, you accept your fate.

After The Wedding

Overall, I can’t imagine a worse choice to make at the theater this holiday weekend. With so many other options to choose from, why would anyone subject themselves to this? Melodramatic messes belong in romance novels and soap operas, and that’s about it. This was just a waste of time.

'After The Wedding' Review
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